Laird Hamilton Reveals Diet Secrets

May 7, 2012

Surfer Laird Hamilton is currently featured in Men's Health and revealed to readers the secrets that keep him in such great shape. While he admits a good workout is part of it, Hamilton said his diet is the most important part. 

"I love Japanese food. I love Hawaiian food. I love food in general. But I don't eat haphazardly," Hamilton said. "I eat for performance and health, and let's not forget pleasure -- those are the elements of what I call 'food intelligence'."

Hamilton says starting the day right can do wonders for your body. His breakfast of choice includes a smoothie. 

"I like to begin the day at the blender with a smoothie. My favorite recipe contains five supplements that help me optimize my nutrition," he said. "A single tablespoon of Catie's Organic Greens, for instance, equals seven servings of green vegetables. I also add apple or cherry juice and frozen bananas and berries for a nice consistency." 

Hamilton's other tips include eating only when hungry to reduce snacking, chewing food slowly, staying away from processed food, and keeping your diet diverse. 

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