Sweet Sicily


Soft fern-like herb that has a very mild and delicate anise flavoring, similar to chervil. Stems can grow up to four feet. The Leaves are triangular and lacy.


Other names: Sweet Cicely, Sweet Chervil
Translations: Sweet Sicīlija, Sweet Sicilija, Sweet Sicilia, Sweet Sicilija, Sweet Sycylii, Sweet Sicilië, मिठाई सिसिली, Sweet Sicília, Sweet Сицилии, Γλυκό Σικελία, الحلو صقلية, 달콤한 시칠리아, Sweet Sicílie, Sweet Sisilia, Sweet Sisilya, 西西里甜, Dolça Sicília, Sweet Siciliji, Sweet Sicília, מתוק סיציליה, Sweet Sicilien, Свеет Сицилији, スウィートシチリア, Sweet Sicile, Sweet Sizilien, Sweet Sicilien, Sweet Sicilia, Dulce Sicilia, Sweet Сицилії, Sweet Sisilia, Сладки Сицилия

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Lanchervil

Selecting and Buying

Procuring: Etw

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