Antelope is a mammal; most species are native to Asia. Antelope meat can be eaten.


Translations: Antilope, Antilopė, Antilopă, Antilopa, Giống sơn dương, Antylopa, Antilope, मृग, Antílope, Антилопа, Αντιλόπη, بقر الوحش, 영양, Antilopa, Antilope, 羚羊, Antílop, Antilopa, Antilopa, Antilope, אנטילופה, Антилопа, アンテロープ, Antilope, Antilope, Antilope, Antílope, Антилопа, Antilooppi, Антилопа

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Gazelle, Caribou, Reindeer, Red, Follow, Or white-tailed deer, Moose, Elk

Selecting and Buying

Buying: Antelope meat can sometimes be found at specialty meat shops, such as Savenor's in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.

Preparation and Use

Ground antelope meat can easily be prepared as a hamburger.



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