"I got 99 problems, but a meal ain't 1."

My name is Priyanka, but you can call me Pri! I was born and brought up in Staten Island, NY (no, I do not visit the Jersey Shore!). I recently graduated more than a year ago 2 years ago from Boston University with a BA in Economics and I work as an analyst. Aside from all that economic mumbo-jumbo and business modeling I do all day, one of my passions is cooking! I love it as much as I love animals! My specialty is vegetarian cooking- it has endless possibilities!

I’ve started this blog to get people, especially the younger generation, to become more comfortable with vegetarian cooking while using exotic ingredients and flavors. Also, all that economic mumbo-jumbo comes in handy, because I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to stay within budget-for your wallet AND pant size! I hope you like what I put out there! Please send me any recipes/ideas/amazing foodie inspirations that you have!

Trust me.. I’ll leave you feeling really hungry after you’ve read a post or 2 :-p