Reena Pastakia

I am a wife, change consultant and idealist (in no particular order). I grew up believing that cooking was a chore and I discovered my love of it after I got married. Now, my husband (Steve) and I spend our evenings catching up while preparing our dinner – he is a great sous chef – I would recommend him to anyone.

The food we prepare is not technically difficult but it is tasty and fresh. The majority of the recipes are of Indian origin and based on the food I was brought up on. My aims in writing this blog include preventing my family’s recipes being lost in time and to make Indian home cooking accessible to everyone.

You will notice the occasional cocktail creeping in. This is because several years ago I took a month long cocktail making course and found I really enjoy the “art of mixology”. It was probably the most useful course I have ever taken. Hic.

Where Steve and I have particularly enjoyed a home cooked dish at a family member or friend’s house, we have asked them to contribute the recipe. As such this is turning into a rather motley collection of recipes but I hope you find something that you would like to try.