Sara Beth

Hello all! After working in the restaurant business for over ten years (working up from server, bartender, manager, General Manager and Kitchen Manager) I finally left six months ago to take the LSAT and in August I'll be attending law school! I am fanatic about cooking- especially since I learned how to cook in a restaurant by basically trial and error. After ten years putting out fires (literally and figuratively) at the restaurant, I had my own kitchen fire in January, which melted my stove and cabinets. As of now, we are still in the remodeling phase, but that should be done by this week! Sixty days without my kitchen has been extremely depressing and I can't wait to have it back. Like most of you, I LIVE in my kitchen. With my iPad and laptop on the counter (with Netflix and Hulu!), why would I be in any other part of the house? My first dish when the kitchen's done? Boeuf Parisienne for my husband- since he's the one that put out the fire!