I grew up in Franklin Square, NY (aka Long Island) and attended Syracuse University where, in 2003, I received my BFA in Acting with a minor in Nintendo’s 1990 classic, Dr. Mario. My hobbies include playing the piano, cooking and baking, and then going to the gym to work off the calories.

I began cooking in a tiny little kitchen in my apartment on 68th and Madison in New York. The apartment was a 400 square foot 1 bedroom in fifth floor walk-up. The kitchen was roughly 4'x6' (no joke) with an oven that burned anything after 10 minutes and stove burners that would sear the countertop because the flame would shoot out from under the pan -- if the flame even ignited in the first place. There were only two cabinets to for food so we had to keep our dinnerware in the living room and there was no counter space, so I did most of my prep work on a dresser in the living room (only one person could fit in the kitchen at a time). Some may call that absurd, I call it life in New York. As much as my boyfriend will tell you otherwise, I secretly loved it.

I am constantly trying to make myself a better cook and one day aspire to change careers into a more "food-centric" field.