Question: Can You Prep Your Own Grapes Leaves To Make Dolmades?

April 9, 2010
Most recipes call for prepared grape leaves, can you prep you own easily?


tasteofbeirut's picture

I do not recommend using jarred grape leaves; they will give you tough, stringy, rubbery stuffed grape leaves; the reason is they are picked when old; you need to use young and tender grape leaves and they need to be fresh; if you have these fresh leaves, just boil them for a couple of minutes and drain them and then use later or the next day.
For the sake of practicality, I use swiss chard leaves, which are used in Lebanon in the same way as grape leaves; these have the advantage of being fresh, and when cooked they will be tender and melting; to prep them, remove the tough inner stalk, cut the leaves in 4X4 squares and boil in lightly salted water for a minute or so; drain and use as you would grape leaves.

Ken Albala's picture

Yes! But even if you don't want to use them immediately, just put them in brine in a sealed jar. They keep wonderfully throughout the season b/c they're naturally acidic. I like brined store-bought leaves too, but I agree sometimes they're old stringy leaves. Sometimes tender and young. You can tell by the color. Usually the darker the older.

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Some people like the flavor of cured grape leaves but I try to pick them fresh.
I blanch the leaves for a short time, a few seconds to minutes depending on the toughness of the leaves. The leaves need to be boiled only until they are supple enough to easily fold over.