Dirty End Tiramisu


1 10-12" sponge cake 3" tall
3 ounces Strong black coffee or:
Prepared instant espresso
3 ounces Brandy, rum or your favorite pound Cream cheese or: mascarpone*
cup Superfine or powdered sugar
Cocoa powder, unsweetened


Cream cheese or mascarpone should be at room temperature.
Cut across the middle of the sponge cake to form two disks, about 1"-1-1/2" thick, each. Blend the coffee or espresso and liqueur together.
Sprinkle the bottom half of the cake with the coffee liqueur blend, enough to flavor it strongly, but don't saturate the cake so much that it will collapse. Mix the cream cheese or mascarpone with the sugar and beat the cheese until the sugar is completely dissolved and the cheese is light and spreadable. Spread the bottom half off the cake with half of the creamy cheese, in a fairly thick layer. Set the second half of the cake on the bottom half and repeat the process sprinkle the coffee/liqueur blend and spread with the remaining cream cheese. Put the cocoa powder into a wire strainer and coat the
Refrigerate the cake for at least two hours before cutting and serving.
Get a stick/sausage/something pointy and pretend it's a submarine going into a big tiramisu ocean.
EAT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!




I will NEVER look at Tiramisu the same again after the night Isaac and I spent with you and Marcus and the fun we had smashing down the entire cake LOL.

For what's it's worth, here's the recipe - I would suggest you don't use the same side dish we used that night If you don't want to scoff it down all at once hehehe.

Here's to many more of those special nights - love you guys and all the best xxxx


12.0 servings


Friday, February 12, 2010 - 3:26pm



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