Tool: Mussel Pot


A pot used to steam or bake mussels for two or a crowd. Their unique mussel shape lets you tilt the pot easily. A stainless steel strainer holds the mussels in place while you dip bread or mussels in the delicious cooking juices.


Translations: Gliemene Pot, Ghiveci de midii, Dagnja Pot, Vẹm Pot, Małży Pot, Mossel Pot, सीपी पॉट, Массел Пот, Μύδι Ποτ, بلح البحر وعاء, 홍합 솥밥, Slávka Pot, Pot Kupang, Tahong POT, 贻贝锅, Musclo Pot, Klapavice Pot, Slávka Pot, Cozze Pot, שבלול פוט, Дагња Шешир, マッセルシェルポット, Moule Pot, Blåskjell Pot, Mejillón Pot, Массел Пот, Simpukka Pot, Миди гнездото



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