How To Thrive: A Review

June 30, 2011

Thrive by Brendan Brazier


When I first made the transition to a vegan diet, I found myself clearing out my refrigerator and pantry and restocking both with new, vegan friendly staples.  While the shopaholic in me found this activity to be utterly delightful-scouring Whole Foods, organizing beans and grains into separate jars with snazzy labels-my pocket book and social schedule took a big hit.  There is nothing so exciting and yet also frustrating about completely revamping an area of one's life.  Becoming vegan meant learning a new way to shop, cook, order at restaurants.  There were failed experiments that left me deflated and, more importantly, with nothing to eat but crackers and hummus.  It took several months before I really felt comfortable with my new lifestyle, and a good year before I could function without having to think too much about it.  

In Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, Mr.  Brazier asks me to do it all again.  The diet is a merger of vegan and raw principles.  It includes concerns about the pH of food and the timing of meals, outlining which times of the day are best for consuming which nutrients. There are little to no “wasted calories” as everything is made with pure, and often obscure, ingredients including spelt flour, amaranth, dates, and different types of seaweed. Not even a lick of whole wheat flour or refined sugar.  

All that said, it is a terrific book.  It outlines the important link between what we eat and how we feel and perform. Mr. Brazier also provides fascinating information on the history of certain foods, why we are more sensitive to some foods than others, and what our bodies do with the nutrients we eat.  The book is well researched and a joy to read.  The recipes provided are unique, combining diverse healthy ingredients with delicious results.  I will certainly be including many of the foods and recipes mentioned in my daily diet and hopefully, over time, I'll move closer to the Thrive Diet.  However, at least for the time being, my pantry is staying as is!  

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