The Fat of the Matter

April 29, 2011

"coconut oil"

Part of being a nutrition warrior is dealing with a large number of myths. Between studies funded by industries trying to prove their own point, Internet sites, and plain old urban legend, it's a full time job debunking these "facts". I once had a man tell me he was allergic to all organic food because his Dr. said it all contains mold. But the biggest  myth which really has a potential to reduce people's health is that fat is bad for us. While trans fats are indeed toxic for the human body, real fat from real foods are not. We need both saturated and unsaturated fats for optimal health.

Here is a more detailed account of why we not only need fat, but how it is beneficial for our brain, heart, cells,  and weight management. "Fat needs a new publicist" Also, I hope you enjoy the recipe for one of my favorite quick and satisfying meals.

photo by: Chiots Run