5 Fantastic Pudding Treats

June 28, 2011

When you have a herd of dairy goats, sometimes you wonder just what to do with all the milk. We make pudding quite a bit, and the kids just love it. Honestly, I never turn down a pudding dessert myself, and it gives me a great foil for experimenting with flavors. Here are 5 pudding recipes that you will love! 

Milk Pudding
A simple vanilla pudding to get you started. 

Banana Pudding Pie
Do you have a childhood recipe that makes you feel like you are 5, every time you eat it? This is mine.

Rice Pudding
Rice pudding is synonymous with my sweet grandma. I don't like raisins cooked into anything, but this pudding should have raisins in it so I can pick them out. Just like I did when I was little. 

Chocolate  Pudding
I have no words. Chocolate in a thick, creamy base. What more can you add to that? 

Butterscotch Pudding
Nothing makes vanilla pudding better, than to make it into butterscotch pudding. Love this! 



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