Celiac Saturday: Best Breakfast Ideas

July 2, 2011


While staples like bacon and eggs, oatmeal, pancakes or waffles and other cereals are excellent choices in the morning, why not mix things up with something new and exciting? Here are a few of our favorite gluten free breakfast recipes - both sweet and savory! - packed with whole grains, fiber and protein.

Lemon Rosemary Mini Muffins
A little bit sweet, a little bit savory, these coconut flour muffins are low glycemic and a super tasty way to start the day.

Caramel Pecan Rolls
A DIY version of Panera's favorite sticky breakfast food.

Bluberry Banana Fig Breakfast Bars
Packed with natural fiber and antioxidants, these low fat breakfast bars are a stick-to-your-bones breakfast in a fruity bar.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Loaf
Despite tasting like a peanut butter cup, this breakfast bread is pretty darn healthy with a distinct granola CRUNCH!

Moroccan Pancakes
Fluffy and spongy with a distinct yeasty flavor, these pancakes are a yummy take on a traditional breakfast food.

Turkish Pudding
With tons of fruit, buckwheat and mung beans, this warm breakfast cereal is amazingly tasty and good for you, too!

Fluffy Vegan Pancakes
Using flax seeds as an egg replacer, these pancakes are high in fiber and Omega-3s, not that you could ever tell!

Sugar Free Peach Scones
With fresh peaches available across the nation, why not turn them into this favorite breakfast treat?

Grilled Asparagus & Poached Eggs with Prosciutto
A traditional protein-packed breakfast! Try it with gluten free Hollandaise Sauce.

Prosciutto & Egg Breakfast Cups
Simply substitute gluten free bread (like Udi's) and you have an elegant and delicious breakfast on the go.

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Janet Vandenabeele's picture

This isn't even a health issue for me, but every one of those recipes looks divine.