5 Pies You Have Never Tried

July 23, 2011

Pies are such a great food. There seems to be no end to what goes into them, from savory to sweet. I never mastered pie crust until my late 20's, and after that, my love of pies knew no bounds. Here are 5 pies that you probably have never tried. 

Meriwether Chess Pie
Just so much fun to say: Meriwether Chess. Interesting mix of ingredients will pull you in. Your curiosity will force to to make this one! 

Vinegar Pie
You must try this pie! Vinegar has such a depth of flavor, and sweetening it like this, really brings out that flavor. So good!

Exquisite Pie
What are you eating? Oh, Exquisite Pie! How perfect. 

Pinch Pie
This is such a cool pie! Meringue made into little nests of crust. Interesting.

Macadamia Nut Pie
Macadamias are so rich and delicious. They are often overlooked by the more popular walnut or peanut. It is too bad, since they are so much more flavorful. This pie will make you love the Macadamia for the star it is!