Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Healthy Food Tumblr Blogs

August 2, 2011

Summer is the perfect season to get on a health kick or ramp up your existing efforts at leading a healthy lifestyle, and this Tumblr Tuesday, we're focusing on healthy food Tumblr blogs. From blogs that document a personal journey towards weight loss to those that follow health-focused foodies around town, this week's picks are sure to inspire you in the kitchen.

1. Health Food Stalker: The Los Angeles blogger behind Health Food Stalker documents healthy eats in the City of Angels, both at local restaurants and at home.

healthy food

2. Healthy Food!: This photo-heavy health food Tumblr blog features occasional recipes and tips on how to eat clean. It offers beautiful inspiration for those who are motivated by visual cues.

healthy food

3. Healthy Food That Doesn't Taste Like Sh*t: Like many Tumblr blogs, this one features a profane title, but its content is anything but offensive. The blog features primarily vegan-friendly meals meant to motivate readers to live a healthy lifestyle and eat well.

healthy food tumblr

4. Healthy Alternative: Healthy Alternative shows one young woman's journey towards a healthy lifestyle. She posts her daily meals, snacks, recipes and motivation to eat well; beautiful photography and honest expression make this blog stand out from others like it.

healthy alternative

5. Health Freak Food: This healthy food Tumblr blog is perhaps the best of the bunch in that it combines beautiful photography, comprehensive recipe links to all kinds of healthy edibles, a clean design, and enough variety to appeal to most eaters.

health freak food



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Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipes here. All of these looks nice and also a heathy diet. I am a big fan of foodista because every time i got the best things in it. Thanks.

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Nice collection of nice food blogs at a place. Thanks for taking this effort....