5 Tasty Pandan Recipes

August 21, 2011

Pandan, a spiky green plant native to South Asia, is commonly used for its slightly nutty aroma and flavor that enhance rice and coconut based dishes and desserts! Often the source of the bright green color in Asian pastries and desserts - pandan is a cultivated plant available frozen at most Asian markets. Here are 5 fabulous desserts that are naturally gluten free and highlight the pandan flavor.

Khanom Chan
A layered Thai dessert of coconut milk, jasmine and pandan.

Grand Marnier Marinated Cantaloupe with Pandan Sticky Rice
A modern twist on classic Thai and Malaysian flavors.

Kuih Kosui
A steamed pandan dessert with coconut milk and tapioca, naturally gluten free

Malaysian Pandan Chicken
Chicken is marianted in coconut milk and spices, wrapped in pandan leaves and fried in this traditional dish.

Pandan Roast Chicken
A Western take on this Malaysian classic!

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