We Soy Don't Need Anymore Monsanto Crops

August 31, 2011

 Considering the majority of soybeans in the US are genetically modified, it's an unsettling thought that Monsanto is proposing yet another GMO variety of soy.

The official spin, I mean story, is that these beans will be lower in saturated fat, so they will be a healthier choice. Considering, the known hazards of GMO crops, I don't think a little less fat makes up for it. Fat is actually necessary for the human body, and the more we mess with mother nature the less nourishing our food becomes.

Monsanto claims that they have tested the Vistive Gold soybean, and it's perfectly safe. The trouble with that logic is that it can take years for the effects of GMO foods to show up. It's a case of slow damage over time rather than an obvious reaction. GMOs have been now linked to food allergies, asthma, inflammation, reduced fertility, and a variety of other health imbalances.

Then there is the environmental impact, which even CNN is reporting.

The bottom line is that we come from nature and so should our food!


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