Green Smoothie with Banana

September 8, 2011

A popular "green" smoothie usually consists of ~70% fruit (such as strawberries and a banana) with ~30% leafy greens (usually spinach).  Contrary to what you might think, “green” smoothies, when prepared in the right way, taste just like a fruit smoothie.  But you really have to try one to believe it for yourself.  Embrace more greens in your day, and support young and vibrant skin, with this Green Smoothie with Banana.  

Green Smoothie with Banana
Serving Size: 1 (16 ounces) ~210 calories
1 banana, peeled and frozen 
1 cup of organic spinach*
1 cup coconut water 
3-4 ice cubes
* Buy organic, if possible. 
Better-for-you ingredients
Learn more about the better-for-you ingredients in this recipe:
* Spinach    Dark leafy greens, including spinach, are loaded with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and blood alkalinizers for superior health and energy.  These greens are also packed with chlorophyll, a natural detox (or "crud" removing) agent.  "Crud" can often keep you from reaching happy body bliss.  Dark leafy green vegetables and juices are also great for reversing signs of aging and helping you to achieve a healthy glow.

Combine the ingredients above into a a good powerful blender until smooth and creamy. Thin with water if desired. Enjoy!

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