5 Beautiful Brussels Sprout Recipes

September 11, 2011

Brussels sprouts are an under appreciated vegetable. For some reason, we are told that kids don't like them, and even adults hie them under their napkins. 

The truth is, Brussels sprouts are a very tasty veggie, and their mild, sweet flavor is at the peak after the cold season hits. You can buy them frozen, and make any of these recipes, or buy them at your late season farmers market. 

Brussels sprouts are the jewels of the garden. Check out these tasty ways to serve them: 

Brussels Sprouts With Honey Butter and Chili

Brussels Sprouts With Red Onions and Pancetta

Braised Brussels Sprouts With Bacon and Onion

Sun Dried Tomato And Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

Kielbasa With Brussels Sprouts In Mustard Cream Sauce


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Tanya - Three Square Meals's picture

I love roasted brussels sprouts! I think I will try them with the pancetta and red onion.