Meatless Monday: Gluten Free Curry For All Seasons

November 7, 2011

Whether it's 105F or -5F, curry is truly an all-seasons food. In the summer heat, hot and spicy foods actually cool you down and during colder months, the rich flavors and spicy heat will help warm you up faster than just sitting by the fire! In honor of Meatless Monday, here are 3 quick and easy gluten free & vegetarian recipes to delight your senses and keep you warm or cool with the changing seasons.

Easy Asian-Inspired Vegetarian Curry - Milk/dairy free & vegan

Curried Lentils - Milk/dairy free & vegan

Rajma (Red Kidney Bean) Curry - Milk/dairy free & vegan option: leave off the yogurt or use your favorite non-dairy brand

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