Drew Barrymore Quits Vegetarian Diet

December 12, 2011

After stints as a vegan and a PETA spokesperson, Drew Barrymore is no longer a vegetarian. She decided to ditch her diet partially due to her boyfriend Will Kopelman, who is a "meat and potatoes" guy. "Drew loves taking care of will, which includes making home-cooked meals," said a source close to Barrymore. "She'd grill a steak for Will and then fix herself a bowl of rice and beans but that was a total drag."

The source also indicated that Barrymore tried to make her vegetarian diet work, but that it was ultimately too difficult. Read about celebrities who made the switch to veganism here.

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LEILA's picture

I'm pretty sure it's not the 2 meals but rather the looking at yummy meat that made her switch back!

Lee's picture

Oh the things you do for love :) I was a vegetarian too until I got married,and making two separate meals = a big pile of dishes, and I wasn't even that good in the kitchen then! It was the smell of bacon that did it for me.