The Right Cup

April 21, 2012

I believe the most ingredient for making a mint julep is neither the Rye Whiskey nor the ice.  The most important ingredient in my mint julep surrounds each drink like a mother surrounds her child. 

What vessel am I discussing?  The Julep Cup of course!

Frozen drinks just taste better when enrobed in copper enrobed in silver. 

There is something slippery and delicious about silver on the lips.  Drinks just taste better!

You may want to start searching for your Julep Cup on the web, but beware, there are many forgeries out there.  The best way to find the perfect Mint Julep cup is to find a dealer in Culinary Antiques.  A reputable dealer will ensure that you are buying the real thing and not a knock-off. 

Be prepared to spend at least several hundred dollars for an antique Julep Cup, if not more if the example is particularly valuable.  Kentucky Derby Cups are prized by collectors, as are presidential Julep Cups.

Mine came from a culinary antique store in New Orleans several decades ago.  I remember it was not cheap.  I bought a pair.  It's best to buy a pair.  They are worth much more that way.

Dating from the 1930's I can only imagine the wonderful drinks that passed over the now brilliant surface.  The toasts raised with the cups to men and women long gone.  I suspect that every Julep Cup has a memory.  I'd like to believe that the former owners of these venerable cups enjoyed them as much as I have.

There are certain possessions that transcend time and place.  Marked Sheridan, Silver over Copper, the weight alone is something to take note of.

To still have them, so many years without losing them is amazing as well!

The cup in my hand has seen good times and bad- fine Juleps and not so fine ones.  

It's my intention to help you drink better.  One sip at a time.

If your cup is well polished all the better.

The luster will drive you to greater depth of the cocktail art.

Give your cups a good polishing.  They will appreciate it.  I will appreciate it too.

One of those little things that stand to reason.

This cocktail is different from many of my classically twisted cocktails.

It is simple to make, anyone can do it. Delicious and refreshing on a hot day.

Make sure that you offer your guest the first cocktail.  It shows your good manners.


The White Rum Mint Julep (Serves two people very comfortably)


Atlantico White Rum

JM Rhum Simple Syrup

Fresh Mint

Clean Ice (Ice made from a non-chlorine source) crushed (essential to crush your ice)



Muddle the mint in your Sterling Silver cup to release the aromatic oils

Add a bit of Ice, muddle more

Add a splash of the Atlantico Rum

Total Rum is about 2 shots per drink so take your time!

Add some simple syrup

Add some more mint

Add some more ice

Muddle until frosty

When the drink is almost to the top

Drizzle some more simple syrup of cane over the top

Garnish with a nice crisp mint leaf

Finish with a splash of Seltzer













Amy Jeanroy's picture

Oh Warren! You have touched upon one of my secret obsessions: drinking vessels. That cup looks so inviting, I can imagine how cold the contents would taste. 

Although I don't imbibe, ice water or herbal tea would both benefit from a round in a silver lined, copper cup. 



Amy J