5 Tasty Garden Fresh Tomato Recipes

August 6, 2013

The taste of a freshly picked, warm from the sun tomato is a wonderful thing indeed. A good, fat, deliciously ripe tomato deserves to be the star in dish. Below are 5 of my favorite ways to enjoy this fruit, from a gorgeous Tomato Tart to a fresh Tomato Martini made with the strained juice of the fruit to get that oh so good tomato essence! I hope you enjoy these wonderful and easy tomato recipes.

Fresh Tomato Tart
A Spicy Perspective
Showcase those garden fresh tomatoes with this beautiful and tasty tart!
Tomato Tart

Pan con Tomate
Photo by Ewan Munro
A simple Spanish pleasure of fresh tomato rubbed on toasted bread.
pan con tomate

Pasta l'Estate (Summer Pasta)
This isn't just an ordinary tomato-on-pasta dish. The pasta is served piping hot and the sauce chilly cold, creating a temperature contrast that is both refreshing and unexpected.
pasta l'estate

Provençal Stuffed Tomatoes
Nicole Aloni
These tasty stuffed tomatoes make the perfect appetizer or side dish. Serve them warm or hot out of the oven.
provencal tomatoes

Fresh Tomato Martini
By using the strained juice of a plump tomato you get the wonderful, tasty essence of the fruit.
tomato martini