3 Mind Blowing Bacon Flavored Recipes

June 7, 2014

Here at Foodista, we believe you can never have too much bacon. Instead of limiting yourself to breakfast, how about bacon for dessert? How about bacon spread on your toast? Check out some of these mind blowing bacon recipes. They are sweet, rich, and every one of them includes the most amazing bacon flavor. 

Bacon Infused Vodka

Submitted by Kimberly Aime

Booze and Bacon. Really, do we have to add a thing? This bacon infused vodka is going to be the base of many beautiful drinks ahead. Don't forget to share your favorite concoctions with us on Foodista. 

Maple Bacon Sundae

Submitted by Marybeth

How about a cool, creamy Sundae, flavored with the two beloved tastes of maple and bacon? We just can't think of a better marriage. This recipe is so easy, you will thank us every time you wow your guests with it. 

Bacon Jam

Submitted by Jeroxie

This recipe is one we like to refer to as "The Enabler". We had one taste, and now it's all we think about. Truly a delicious way to enjoy bacon every day, this jam is going to be fabulous on toast, added to any glaze recipe you have, how about warmed and drizzled on your waffles? We could go on, but will let you experiment your heart out instead. MMMM...Bacon!