3 Must-Make Summer Rolls

June 22, 2014

No matter if you call them summer rolls, salad rolls, or fresh spring rolls, these rice paper bundles are the perfect summer food.  The main ingredient is of course, the rice paper.  These thin circular sheets are sold at some supermarkets but can also be found at Asian markets or online.  Before filling the rolls, the paper is soaked in warm water until the sheet becomes soft and pliable. You can fill them with any number of ingredients including vegetables (pickled and raw), herbs, shrimp, chicken, tofu , and even fruit.  They are usually are served with a dipping sauce and are great travel food. 

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Recipe from Just as Delish

Classic Vietnamese salad rolls are packed with herbs, pickled vegetables and shrimp.  They are served with a sweet and creamy peanut sauce.  These rolls can be a starter course or light meal.  

Avocado and Peach Summer Rolls
Recipe from Katie at the Kitchen Door

These avocado and peach rolls sing the flavors of summer.  The sweet peach slices pair with a the creamy avocado and crunchy pistachio to create a summer roll you won't want to stop eating.

Rainbow Spring Rolls
Recipe from Thirsty for Tea

Rainbow spring rolls are a delicious way to add more vegetables to your diet.  The variety of colors and textures tempt the eater to take a bite.  They also make for a tasty packed lunch.

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