Not Your Average Tuna Melt: 2 Ways to Eat this Retro Sandwich

July 23, 2014

Tuna melt is a retro American dish, that, in its hey day, was on every restaurant menu.  The classic version was tuna combined with celery, mayonnaise and maybe a little chopped onion with melted cheddar or American cheese.  These updated versions of the sandwich take the tuna melt to the next level by using fresh herbs, an assortment of vegetables and a variety of cheeses.  This American staple has turned from diner fare into a fanciful meal.

Lemon Herb Tuna Melt
Recipe from Very Culinary

The tuna filling in this sandwich is light with the addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice and chopped herbs.  This recipe uses a combination of thyme, parsley and chives but you can use any fresh herbs you have on hand.  The sandwich is pressed with nutty fontina cheese and slices of tomato.

French Monster Tuna Melts
Recipe from The Mormon Food Guy

This version of a tuna melt is inspired by the French Niçoise salad.  It's loaded with olives, hard boiled eggs, red bell pepper and tomatoes.  You can choose you favorite cheese to melt over the top but I would stick with something French.

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