5 Brunch Recipe to Bake for Mother's Day

April 26, 2015

Mom will appreciate a hot homemade breakfast when she wakes up on Mother's Day.  There is a certain art that goes with preparing a perfectly timed breakfast.  For holidays, like Mother's Day, I suggest using the oven when possible so that you are not juggling 10 pans and being constantly worried about the dishes turning cold.  Whether your mom prefers something sweet like orange blueberry rolls or savory such as a tomato and goat cheese tart, we've got you covered.

Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese Quiche
Recipe from Delightful Mom

This tomato, basil and goat cheese quiche is a seasonal meatless meal.  This quiche is on the lighter side balancing whole eggs with egg whites, skipping the cream, and loaded with vegetables.  You can choose to prepare your own pie crust or use store-bought for this recipe.  This vegetarian quiche is great for any meal of the day.


Tully's True Coffee Cake
Courtesy of Keurig

Coffee cake is usually served with coffee but doesn't contain any actual coffee in it.  Tully's true coffee cake mixes freshly brewed coffee into both the cake batter as well as the glaze.  If you are addicted to good coffee, then you will soon crave this delicious breakfast cake.

Double Chocolate Monkey Pull Apart Bread
Courtesy of Pillsbury

Moms will find double chocolate monkey bread irresistible.  Balls of dough are filled with chocolate chips and then coated with sugar and cocoa powder before being baked.  This monkey bread will be devoured at your Mother's Day brunch.

Asparagus Egg Puff
Recipe from Feasting at Home

Asparagus egg puff is a brunch dish that is as light as air.  Whole eggs are whipped with baking powder, salt and all purpose flour before they are combined with asparagus and cheese.  Feel free to substitute with any other spring vegetables you might have on hand.

Blueberry Orange Sweet Rolls
Recipe from A Latte Food

Blueberry orange sweet rolls are a more tart version of the favored cinnamon roll. The orange flavored yeast dough is filled with marmalade and blueberries before it is baked.  Once cooled, the sweet rolls are slathered in orange glaze.

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