Vegetable Turkey Meatloaf and Other Light and Healthy Summer Recipes

May 28, 2015

You do not need to sacrifice flavor when eating healthy. The key is to use fresh full flavored ingredients and pairing them with lean proteins and whole grains.  These light (and tasty) meals will help you stay fit and trim all summer long.

Marinated Kale Salad
Photo Credit: Chris Paulk

Kale is one superfood that will help keep you trim and fit.  This marinated kale salad is just one delicious way to prepare this winter vegetable.  Kale leaves are thinly sliced and marinated is a light vinaigrette flavored with lemon juice, olive oil, dijon mustard, and garlic.  Kale is sturdier compared to other leafy greens so you don't need to worry about the salad becoming soggy before serving.

Mango and Grapefruit Quinoa Salad
Photo Credit: Tomatoes and Friends

Healthy and tasty, this mango and grapefruit salad is the perfect dish to welcome summer.  This super simple meal comes together in just 15 minutes.  While the quinoa is cooking, you can prepare the vegetables so that you can combine the two immediately.  You can serve this salad hot or cold, as a main or a side dish.  I like to pair this salad with blackened fish or grilled chicken.

Thai Broccoli Salad Bowls
Recipe from GI 365

Thai inspired broccoli salad bowls are packed with nutrition and flavor.  Chunks of sweet mango, bell peppers and cashews are mixed with broccoli and paired with a chili lime dressing.  This meal is totally vegan.  For an extra boost of protein, add a slice or two of grilled tofu.  

Shrimp Summer Rolls
Recipe from Genji Sushi

Summer rolls are a popular Southeast Asian dish.  Rice paper is filled with thin bean thread noodles, a variety of vegetables, and succulent shrimp.  Serve these delicious summer rolls with sweet chili sauce.

Vegetable Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf
Recipe from Pickled Plum

Meatloaf is given an updated look for summer with this recipe for vegetable stuffed turkey meatloaf.  Ground turkey is seasoned with pecorino cheese and fresh rosemary before it is wrapped around a variety of vegetables.  The recipe calls for zucchini, sweet red bell pepper,  carrot, spinach and peaches but you can certainly use your favorite combination.

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