Kaycee Bassett

I’m 24 years old, married to my best friend Timmy and have 2 amazing animal companions. Jay the loving pit bull and Tosh the shaggy tabby cat. I have amazing parents, siblings and nephews, I love my family more than anything, they are my rock.

I’m an avid animal lover! I do my very best to not contribute to the suffering of any living creature by living a vegan lifestyle and eating a vegan diet. I have been a vegetarian/vegan off and on (mostly on) since I was 12 years old. It just works for me, and makes me feel happy and healthy.

My favorite things to do are cook, create new recipes and food hunt! Eating has become my favorite hobby, I love the challenges of being vegan, instead of dreading them I embrace them!

I am testing new recipes all of the time as I am in the process of writing my first vegan cook book! My goals for the future are to open an all vegan/eco-friendly bakery and restaurant and also an online and eventually in store animal companion food, treats and supplements store. Things are going great for me, and I can’t wait to blog about my future endeavors!