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Warren's Fourth Book, Cannabis Cocktails is now in Pre-Sell from Quarto Books and all the usual places!


His current release, Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails takes the thirsty reader on a ride into the not so distant past.  This trip takes stops along the way to sate the reader's thirst and make them hungry as well.  Let's just say it's everything Apothecary Cocktails is and then some. 

Warren's SECOND book, titled Whiskey Cocktails is also on the market


  It's available from your local independent bookseller and from both Amazon & Barnes and Noble. 

As well as on all eReaders.

Apothecary Cocktails started this ride- It was nominated for a Spirited Award at the 2014 Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. 

Warren Bobrow is the Food and Drink Editor of Wild River Review located in Stockton, New Jersey 


You may find him on the web at: http://www.cocktailwhisperer.com 


Warren taught mixology at Stonewall Kitchen- the art of Shrubs, Bitters and Mock-Tails in July, 2014. 

He wrote about Shrubs for Whole Foods!  http://www.darkrye.com/cultivate4/#shrubadubdub

Warren traveled to Abruzzo in Italy in 2013 on a press trip about wine.  A gift from the gods of olive oil and great wine!

He was one of 12 journalists world-wide, and the only journalist from the USA to participate in the Fête de la Gastronomie for Atout, France- in 2012.

 Warren can be easily found at Tales of the Cocktail... 

Warren demo'd freestyle mixology at the International Food Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon. (2012)

Warren judged the Iron Mixology competition at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival (2012)

Warren has published over three hundred articles on everything from cocktail mixology to restaurant reviews to travel articles.

To discussing reinvention after 50. 

He is a trained chef, more comfortable as a great cook though.... started his career as a pot scrubber at the York Harbor Inn in York Harbor, Maine in 1986.  and that was after four years at Emerson College.

Working in television in NYC was a drag... overnight engineering.. a bit of hard news.. murders and mayhem while at WPIX-11.  Not for him... then the TV Lab at WNET-13 which led to Danceteria working the elevator and the video lounge.  

Wuthering Heights? 

Warren next apprenticed as a line cook for the late Jim Ledue at Alberta's in Portland, Maine.  Jim fired Warren.  Best thing that ever happened to him.

Moved to Charleston, SC to attend Johnson/Wales .  While in Charleston Warren the owner and co- founderof Olde Charleston Pasta. 

He was the former executive chef at the Primerose House and Tavern in Charleston, SC, where he tasted a mint julep, then said it was lovely stuff.

He spent Hurricane Hugo (1989) in Charleston.  Olde Charleston Pasta was sold thereafter.  


Then came an strange tale of a TWENTY YEAR career in Private Banking as an Executive Assistant... Starting as a bank teller.

Oh No!!!!

Fast forward to 2009 when he was OFF-SHORED!!!!  Finally he had his chance to REINVENT, YET AGAIN!!!!  First things first... Joy Stocke gave him his start at the Wild River Review.   The toughest editor he's ever work for.

Warren was # 30 in Saveur Magazine's 100 in 2010, for his writing about the humble Tuna Melt.

He's written food and cocktail articles and news for Prevention Magazine, Okra Magazine in New Orleans, Edible Jersey, Voda Magazine, Tasting Table, Serious Eats and Total Food Service Magazine.

Warren attended the Kentucky Derby and the Oaks Day Races 2012, while on assignment for Voda Magazine.

He writes for the "Fabulous Beekman 1802 Boys" as their cocktail writer.  (Klaus, The Soused Gnome)

He also writes for The Daily Basics, Chilled Magazine, DrinkupNY, Beverage Journal and many others. 

Warren has written for Williams-Sonoma on the blog side.

He was in Whole Foods/Dark Rye Magazine on the topic of Shrubs- incidentally the title of his THIRD BOOK is Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails  

It's coming out April 2015.  

He is a Ministry of Rum judge  from 2010 in SF.  


Headshot photograph taken at the Ministry of Rum in San Francisco- August 2010

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The Don't Call Me cocktail has only one thing to say.   Don't call me. It is woven from Lovage.  What is Lovage?  Well, it kind of tastes like Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray....

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What is it about Brooklyn, NY that suggests handcrafted?  I’m sure that the reality of Brooklyn is more than just handcrafted talent who live there. New York City is a place of many...

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Who would imagine mixing Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey with anything more than a couple cubes of ice?  I would.  And that is what keeps it interesting around here.  My friend...

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Usually by the middle to end of January there is enough snow on the ground around here in NJ to make things fun.  This year not a drop.  Or a flake for that matter.  Just 1000 shades...

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Pardon my fuzzy photography from my ancient iPhone- I had to capture this picture with the camera I had on hand.  This drink came together after a particularly unpleasant day yesterday.  My...

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Is Hoosier Momma the best Bloody Mary mix in America?  I think so.  Is it the blast of celery?  The creamy smooth, yet robust texture of the tomatoes, a quick tang of citrus juices and...

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Pears, grilled Bosc pears, absinthe in the nose- vanilla syrup and a bit of oily texture.  This is classy stuff.  That was the first impression on my tongue after taking a sip of Casa Noble...

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When you experiment with cocktails, sometimes the most interesting ones are the ones least explored.  This is never more evident than using really fabulous coffee from NYC's Ninth Street...