Guilt Free Girl Scout Cookies

June 3, 2011

The controversy over the Girl Scouts use of unsustainable palm oil in their cookies continues, but you can still enjoy these tasty treats, by making them at home. Even better, these updated cookies are raw and made with whole food ingredients. So need to feel guilty about the environment or your health when you indulge in these classic flavors. 

We Like It Raw 
Recipes for Dosiraws, Samoraws,  and Chewy Trawfoils. You can replace the agave with maple syrup or black strap molasses, if you are avoiding agave nectar. 

Raw Thin Mint Brownies 
The only sweetener in these girl scout inspired brownies comes from dates. These thin mints are even mintier than the original, because they're made with real peppermint extract. 

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