October 7, 2015

Chicken breasts filled with herbs and garlic and wrapped in bacon, baked over a potato bed

July 4, 2015

A fresh summer salad with quinoa, strawberries, nectarines and lots of herbs

June 30, 2015

Light frittata loaded with fresh herbs and bursting with flavor

April 4, 2015

Trahanoto is like a risotto, but different

January 10, 2015

I use it for pilafs and risottos, oreganatas and stuffings. Above all my favorite is in salads....

December 16, 2014

It makes a great oil for sautes or simply to mix with your favorite vinegar or lemon juice to adorn...

July 18, 2014

I've said it time and time again, my goal this summer is cook as little as possible.  ...

May 10, 2014

Almond and parsley pesto with asparagus and freekeh from What's Gaby Cooking is a dish...

April 9, 2014

Salmon is always my favourite ingredient for a spring time Sunday lunch. This recipe is very...

November 13, 2013

Easy adaptation of one of my dad favorite rice with a twist: rice with dried cranberries and...

November 2, 2013

Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Parsley is the perfect side dish for the holidays

October 23, 2013

Since we can't all pack up and move to the pasta capital of the world, why not bring Italian...

September 8, 2013

Sauteed Trout with Pecans is a recipe from Gourmet Magazine and combines the wonderful taste of...

August 18, 2013

What a great summer we had! Created fabulous summer memories with great friends that will last us a...

August 4, 2013

From Robert Irvine of the Food Network