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I use a variety of things for stuffing calzone. The only time I ever had a soggy problem was when I used too much ff ricotta. I always either sauteor roast the veggies before I put them in the dough. I think they would betoo runny otherwise. I like to use a cheese base (a little ff ricotta, ff mozzarella and real honest to goodness reggio parmesan - a little adds a lot of flavor and not a lot of fat) and then pile the veggies on top.
Alsogood is frozen chopped spinach. Just thaw it out, squeeze all the moistureout and mix it with the cheese. Don't forget the garlic and the last of the good summer tomatoes! [GINN (]
I love making calzone. They are especially great to take on hikes and picnics because they are really yummy cold. I usually make a whole wheat dough. One of my favorite kinds that I made had pesto for the sauce, some spinach leaves, mushrooms, and red onions. Also some sort of white ff or lf cheese, I forget what... I also make them with a tomato sauce and whatever veggies I can find. Last time I think I had mushrooms, fresh basil, fresh spinach, onions, and different colored bell peppers. I made them for a hike that I went on with a friend and my SO. They both liked them a lot.
Oh, I don't cook the veggies, just cut them up and wrap them in the dough bake in the oven. [Jessica Shawl]
I just made calzone this weekend. I varied the fillings a little bit, but I used:raw chopped broccoliraw chopped zucchinisauteed mushroomsfatfree ricotta mixed with frozen spinach Yves. fat-free meat-free "pepperoni" and a little mozzarella and plenty of homemade tomato sauce
I was amazed at how pepperoni-like the fake pepperoni was. It was almost too meaty for me to eat!
I didn't cook the broccoli and zucchini because I figured that inside that baking calzone was essentially a little steam bath. The vegetables were fine-not crunchy at all. I think cooking them would make them too mushy.
I cooked the mushrooms because I didn't think they'd get too mushy and because when I put raw mushrooms on pizza, it isn't as good as sauteed ones. Maybe they didn't need to be cooked.
I wasn't that impressed with the fat-free ricotta, but it was OK. I didn't use very much, so maybe I should use more (since I can't really taste it now).
Fresh spinach would be better than frozen, especially if cooked with the mushrooms. I didn't have any on hand, though.
I had problems with leakage as well. Actually, I think I was trying to spread my dough too thin, so I easily punctured it. Also, I was cramming loads of stuff into each one.
I wrap the dough around the filling like a burrito, because when I crimp the edges, it never sticks.
I like making this type of thing-dough around some veggie filling. I got the idea from those "Veggie Pockets" from Ken and Robert (I think that's the brand.) I make them with chinese veggies, indian curry, and pinto bean fillings. Then I freeze them so that when I come home feeling lazy, I can just pop them in the oven and eat. Sometimes I'll make the filling one day, and the actual pockets the next. [Susan Lehman]




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