Tool: Whisk


A whisk is a cooking utensil or hand tool used in blending, mixing, stirring, or beating liquids.

There are two types of whisks or whips:

Heavy whips - are straight, stiff, and have few wires. It is used for general mixing of heavy liquids.
Balloon whips or piano wire whips - have many flexible wires, and is used for whipping or incorporating a lot of air in thinner liquid.


Other names: Wire Whip
Translations: Noslaucīt, Šluotelė, Măturică, Umutiti, Cử động mau, Miotełka, Vliegenmepper, Visp, Bater, Юркнуть, Απάγω, كنس, 털다, Metla, Умутити, Palisin, 拂, Batedor, Mešalnikih, Metla, Frusta, לטאטא, Vispa, Mengocok, 泡立て器, Fouet, Schneebesen, Piskeris, Batidor, Прошмигнути, Vispilä, Размахване



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