July Is Horseradish Month

July 18, 2011

How fun! July is National Horseradish Month.

Not just for a Bloody Mary, horseradish is great for adding a zip to sandwiches, sauces and mashed veggies. I love to make my own, but get weird looks when I ask friends if they want to come and learn how to do it. It is really simple: Just peel the root, cut into chunks and blend in a blender or food processor with a little vinegar. Keep it in a glass jar in the fridge and it will last all winter long. Not in our house, though. We eat it at least two times a week or more.

Check out these cool recipes from Foodista members. They seem to love horseradish as much as we do! 

Horseradish Dressing
Oh my, who thought to combine Worcestershire and horseradish? Let me shake your hand! 

Beet Horseradish
Only because I love you , do I consider combining beets and horseradish. 

Horseradish Mustard
Two words: LOVE it!

Horseradish Cream Chicken
Not just a condiment, try combining this spicy root with chicken. 

Bacon and Horseradish Dip
Yea, it has bacon. Nothing else matters. 



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Tamar's picture

I know it's considered "cheating" but at Passover, I always make myself a Hillel sandwich with matzah, haroset and beet spiked horseradish. Yum!