Baking Apples 101

September 14, 2011

Around the country, apples are a sure sign of autumn! From pies and cobblers, to crisps and sauces, apples can be used for such a wide variety of purposes that sometimes, simplicity is best. Baking apples can be one of the simplest, most rewarding (and healthy!) desserts on a crisp autumn night, but it's no surprise that some choices are better than others. In general, I select from the following:

Granny Smith - green & tart, the most popular baking apple
Gala - red and gold striped with a sweet flavor and definite crunch
Jonathan - dappled red color with a signature tartness and will hold its shape during baking

Of course, you can always ask your grocer or produce stand attendant which apples are best for stand-alone baking or throwing into a pie/crisp/cobbler, etc.! Here are 5 of my favorite baked apple recipes, including a few quite creative ideas!

Molasses Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Walnuts
All of autumn's finest flavors in one simple, elegant dessert.

Apples Baked in Cider
Apples + apple cider + sugar & spice make everything nice.

Baked Apple Chips
So simple, you'll be amazed you've never made this healthy snack before!

Mini Apple Pies
Using (gluten free) pie dough, make mini apple pies in muffin tins! If you're gluten free, be sure to use your favorite GF pie dough for this recipe.

Witch's Froth
A traditional Hungarian dessert that is similar to a mousse. Baked apples are pureed with rum, vanilla and egg whites* to form a rich, creamy dessert.

* Please note that consuming raw or uncooked eggs/egg whites poses a potential health risk.

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