Debby aka "Foodiewife"

I'm a working wife and mom to a grown son. I feel so blessed to live on the Monterey Peninsula of California. My culinary skills are all pretty much self-taught by watching others, reading cookbooks and trial and error. My mother's side of the family comes from Bavaria, Austria. My mother passed on her love of cooking, and several of her favorite German/Austrian recipes. My other half of my D.N.A. is Hispanic. I love Mexican food, too.
I love cooking, grilling and baking-- not preferring one of another. If I could take Culinary Classes, I'd love to learn pastry making. I don't consider myself artistic, so I struggle with cake decorating. You could say that my style of cooking is simple, using fresh ingredients whenever possible.

Ingredients you will never see in my grocery cart are prepared and processed foods. I'll take shortcuts with quality stocks, baked goods and a few other things. Canned soups and Oil-based fake whipped toppings have no place in my kitchen!

I'm having a lot of fun with the food blog community. I've learned so much, by visiting my family of blogger friends, and they inspire me to improve my food photography. My food blog has become a fun way to share my successes (and errors) with other foodies. I'm hopeless addicted to looking at recipes with photographs-- I guess I'm just highly visual. That's why I named my blog "A Feast For The Eyes"..