Eric Rivera

My name is Eric, as you can see by the self-titled blog I like to cook, eat, and blog about it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m a married 28 year old Puerto Rican Culinary School Student, Blogger, chef-in-training, and all-around nice guy. I’ll cook any thing, any where, and at any time.

This blog started out of boredom in January of 2009. It has given me an outlet to throw ideas on the wall to see if they stick and also push me to be better. In July 2009 I started culinary school and I am in the middle of my third quarter….time flies!

I am a member of:

James Beard Foundation

Chefs Collaborative

American Culinary Federation

You might have seen some of my recipes on,,, Chicago Sun-Times, Indiana Star, Post-Tribune, and any other blog, newspaper, or websites that have posted my recipes.

Cheesy Smile Time!!!!

Go Mariners
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p.s. don’t call me a foodie…..ever. :)