Question: How Do You Make Candied Pecans In A Saucepan

December 30, 2009


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Take 1/4 cup of pecans and put them in a small sauce pan with 2 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of water. Stir to dissolve the sugar and bring to a simmer. Simmer 5-7 minutes. You want them to be golden and coated. If the syrup is looking too runny, keep them on the stove. You want them to be coated and crunchy. . When they are ready put them on parchment and then run water into your sink until it gets very, very hot. THEN use that water to rinse the pot. Once rinsed with cold water the syrup turned to hard candy! These candied pecans are great not only on salads but in homemade ice cream. These candied pecans are not difficult to make and are delicious. I hope you give them a shot, they are truly stunning and take dishes over the edge of deliciousness.