Andie Mitchell

I am the former social media manager and editor at Foodista. Cooking and baking hold a very special place in my life- both creative ways of sharing and celebrating my life through food. Growing up I loved to follow my mother around the kitchen, asking questions, spilling things, eating, eating, and eating. And today, I'm still calling her for recipes, creating my own, exploring food in any way I can, and writing about it. I also write my own food blog at

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Posts by Andie Mitchell

June 10, 2010

Cupcakes. The perfect five bites. A cradle for a mound of fluffy buttercream.  I can see why they're all the rage. After all, they're not as daunting to bake as their finicky, full-sized...

June 6, 2010

white chocolate banana nut bread

I've been baking for years. Years and years. Since I was old enough to hold a whisk, I've been whipping up pies, pastries, and petit fours like a girl after Martha Stewart's heart. I...

June 3, 2010

I value a  thirty minute meal. I really do. In fact, I've come to embrace a speedy supper. The short and sweet ingredient list. Dinners designed so simply that my dog could, and perhaps should, have...

May 30, 2010

Pad See Ew

If you're anything like me, you visit Asian restaurants, devour plates piled high with delicately and masterfully sauced noodles or rice, and walk out promising yourself you'll find a recipe...

May 27, 2010

Sometimes I wish all of the world's ills could be solved with a cookie. If patience could be as virtuously attained as it is gazing into the oven door for the perfectly puffed round of dough. If...